Care for your lashes

If little eyelash strands start falling off before long, try some of these cleaning tips

So you have got yourself some fresh eyelash extensions, now that you have them, how do you care for them to make sure they last longer?

Your lash technician would probably have told you the basic aftercare rules: Do not use oil-based eye make-up removers, do not rub or attempt to tug at the lashes, always keep them dry, use an eyelash serum, and come back for a touch-up in two weeks.

But then little eyelash strands start falling off two weeks later, and you watch in horror as it happens – especially considering they do not come cheap.

So what are you doing wrong? Read on for some eyelash extension aftercare advice.

  1. Light eye make-up
    Go easy on it. If you opt for a light eye make-up look, you will have an easier time removing it with water-based micellar make-up removers instead of the heavy oil-based ones.

  2. Cotton buds and magnifying glass
    You will want to stock up on pointy cotton buds made for make-up application and a magnifying glass – perhaps something small and portable that you can place on the table. Use it to precisely remove your eye make-up with the help of the cotton buds

  3. Avoid heat
    The glue your lash technician uses may not react well to heat, so you might want to avoid outdoor cafes on a hot, sunny morning.

    Also, keep that gym or sauna session, as well as 40 deg C shower or bath at bay.

  4. Disposable mascara applicators
    When your eyelids or eyelashes start itching, use disposable mascara applicators to “rub” your eyes instead. You can also use them to brush your lashes out daily to avoid tangling and dirt accumulation. Just remember not to do so when they are wet.

  5. Do not touch the roots
    If you are applying mascara or any plumping serums, do not let the solution touch the roots lest it affects the glue.

    You will want to keep your mascara and serums to the tip of your lashes – and that requires some skill (and a magnifying glass).

  6. Sleep on your back
    You should sleep on your back to avoid folding or pressing on any of your ultra-long and super- voluminous lash extensions.
    If you are a side sleeper, however, you need to carefully arrange the lashes so they do not mash up while you are asleep.

  7. Lash cleaner
    If your lash studio stocks lash cleaners, get them to brush your lashes daily, keeping them feathery, clean and lightweight. Otherwise, all the daily dirt, sebum, make-up and skincare residue may weigh your extensions down.

  8. Button-down clothes
    Some lash enthusiasts even take to wearing button-down blouses, shirts and dresses to avoid pulling clothes over their face and head, which may violently brush against the lashes and drag them out along the way.

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