Aftercare Instructions

So you’ve just gotten a wondrous set of eyelash extensions. Here are some important aftercare tips to ensure longer lasting eyelash extensions

Minor irritation

Minor irritation is normal for up to a few hours; If you experience swelling or inflammation, consult a GP as this could be an allergic reaction.

Touch me not

Avoid touching your lashes, at least for an hour or two; Just as you leave your glue to dry when doing art & craft, allow the lash glue to cure completely so that you can have longer lasting lashes.

Keep them dry

Avoid wetting them for at least 8 hours, ideally up to 24 hours; Again, this is to allow the lash glue to cure properly. If it is unavoidable, dry them immediately.

Don't use products

Do not use eyelash products like mascaras or serums – those are meant for your natural lashes. They may react adversely to the lash glue causing them to fail prematurely.

No Haidilao, Mookta or Hotpot

Avoid exposing your lashes to excessive heat. Granted, the weather in Singapore is already very hot, but all the more to avoid exposing your lashes to additional hot and oily steam at your favourite hotpot place.

Pluck me not

Do not pull out your lashes forcefully. Not only does it hurt, it can damage your eyelash roots, causing poorer lashes to grow in future. If you’re itching, try brushing it with the free brush given to you. Always books a session to remove them professionally.
Fitting eyelash extensions


For longer lasting lashes, you should book a touch-up after 2 to 3 weeks; As your natural lash grows and falls off, your lash extensions may look uneven. With a touch-up, it refreshes the overall look and ensures they last even longer!

Aftercare Pack

The package includes:

  1. Purple compressed sponge
    You can reinflate the sponge and use it to clean your lashes (after the 24 hour keep-dry period).

  2. Alcohol cotton buds
    You can use it to clean off any gunk or product that gets on your lashes. They are alcohol infused so it works as a sanitizer as well.

  3. Lash brush
    You can use the brush to relieve any itching of your lashes. As mentioned above, do not pluck your lashes!