Why choose Those Lashes?

With so many places offering lash extension services, you’re really spoilt for choice. What makes me stand out?

1. Is your lash technician passionate about her work?

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but while I was working at a salon, my boss actually chided me for working too slowly. Deep in my heart, I felt rather offended, and it was the main reason why I chose to leave and set up my own business.

As an employee, I needed to finish my work fast and take as many customers as possible. That did not fit well with me. I love what I do and I want to devote all my heart and soul into it.

I want to feel proud of giving my customer the best set of eyelash extensions she paid for.

And if I wanted to do that, I needed to be my own boss.

2. Are you particular about the materials used for your eyelash extensions?

You should be.
I’ve worked at several salons and the quality of the materials really matters. I’m constantly on the lookout for quality lashes, and while the ones that I’m using are good, they can be better.
I will not stop until I find lashes of the highest quality.

3. Are you really getting what you’re paying for?

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”
Sure, you could pamper yourself at a fancy beauty salon to get eyelash extensions at a premium in a posh & cozy environment, but what actually are you paying for?
You should be paying for the service – and only for the service.

Have I convinced you yet?

Get your eyelash extensions with Those Lashes!

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