How to Prepare for Your Eyelash Extension Appointment – 2021

You can never be too prepared for your eyelash extension appointment. And with the right preparations, you will have a more enjoyable experience and your lashes will look their absolute best. Regardless of where you’ve booked your appointment – home based salon or beauty salons, follow these 8 steps to make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Come clean & fresh

Showering before your eyelash extension appointment is a great idea because it will remove dirt and any makeup that you have been wearing. It will also help to remove any product that may be around your eye area, especially more for anything that may be on your natural eyelashes. This will make it easier for the technician as clean lashes means the synthetic lashes adhere more easily to your natural lashes. At the very least, whip out your makeup remover and come au naturel.

Wear comfortable clothing

A comfortable outfit is important for your eyelash extension appointment. Since you’ll be lying down for upwards of one hour, you will not want to have anything pinching or pulling on your skin. That could mean less comfortable lashes too!
Choose an outfit that stretches and breathes so that you have the most comfortable experience possible. You might want to forego any heavy, dangling earrings as well.

Remove your contacts

Remove your contacts before your eyelash extension appointment. Your technician will need to be able to see the natural shape and line of your eyes. If you wear contacts, they could also stick to lashes as the glue is being applied.

Do not wear makeup, or at least eye makeup.

It is important that you do not wear any kind of makeup during the eyelash extension session so that it does not rub off onto the new extensions. This will also ensure that they can be applied evenly as we aim to get close hair-to-hair contact when applying them. If you come with makeup, your lash technician will be cleaning your lashes thoroughly which might ruin your makeup.

Visit the washroom

A typical lash extension session will take between 1 to 2 hours, during which you will not be allowed to take any breaks. So it’s best if you visit the washroom before starting the session. You can also take the chance to remove your contacts or makeup as stated above.

Turn off your cellphone

To avoid any interruptions during your session, you may want to turn off your phone. If you must, keep it on silent mode, but be warned that you will not be taking any calls or reading any messages unless it is extremely urgent. You might want to take care of any pressing concerns before your session.

Have an idea of what you want

If you have an idea of what length, type and style of eyelash extensions you want (e.g cat eye, dolly, gorgeous, etc.), do inform your lash technician or have ready some photos to show her so that she can better advise you. It can be better than leaving it totally up to the lash artist based on your eye shape and facial features and getting a result that you are not happy with.

Be punctual

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your session starts. If you are running late, please inform the eyelash extension salon so that they can adjust their subsequent appointments accordingly. Being on time allows your lash technician to take her time with her work, which ensures better adhesion of your lashes. You certainly wouldn’t want her to be rushing and produce shoddy work!

If you follow these 8 steps to prepare for your eyelash extension appointment, you can make sure that the process goes smoothly and comfortably. From making sure you don’t have any makeup on before starting or removing contacts beforehand, there are a lot of small details that will make all the difference. With a little preparation time, it’s easy to ensure an enjoyable experience with perfect lashes at the end!

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