10 reasons to get eyelash extensions – 2021

The latest trend in beauty is eyelash extensions. More and more people are turning to this method of getting fuller, longer, and more lush lashes for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering whether or not to get them done, here are 10 things that might help you make up your mind.

1) Save time on your makeup routine

Eyelashes can be an extra step in your morning makeup routine, such as applying mascara, but eyelash extensions can that that all for you! With lash extensions there’s no need to worry about messing up because these babies will stay put until removed with adhesive remover (which is much less harsh than regular eye makeup removers). They also save time by eliminating the need to reapply throughout the day – even on your water proof or long wearing makeup.

2) Save time on your removal routine

With eyelash extensions, there’s no need to spend time to remove them at night since they are essentially an extension of your natural lashes. The only thing you have to remove is your makeup… which of course you would be doing whether you had them or not.

3) No need to worry about messing up eye makeup

With eyelash extensions, there’s no need to worry about messing up like with mascara clumping and staining or trying to keep the curl from getting messed up by blinking too much or the wrong way. Attempting to apply false lashes can be rather intimidating and it costs time and money if you make a mistake.

4) Less eye makeup means well for your skin

Eyelash extensions are a great way to reduce the amount of makeup you wear. Less eye shadow, mascara and liner means less irritation for your delicate peepers. It will also help with anti-aging since no harsh chemicals are being applied directly to your skin. Wrinkles indicate aging, so any way to reduce wrinkles can imply a reduction in your age.

5) Achieve a more natural look

Using mascara or eyeliner gives you options when it comes to achieving a more glamorous eye look, but extensions give the appearance of thicker lashes – even without makeup! Lash extensions add length and volume to your own lashes without having to apply any additional eye makeup yourself.

6) They feel like a natural extension of your body

Even with the thickest false lashes, there’s always a bit of an adjustment period and sometimes they can feel clunky or unnatural. With eyelash extensions, though you’ll barely even feel them on your own lids. What’s more, you don’t really have to worry about them until it’s time to get them filled or removed.

7) No need to worry about exercise or water activities

Whether you’re out on a run or in the water, eyelash extensions won’t come loose and end up smudging your makeup. They stay put through rain, sweat or tears. Of course, don’t go out doing all those within the first 24 hours of getting them as the lash glue takes time to fully set.

8) They last for a long time

From your first appointment to after a two week touch up, eyelash extensions can last for a month or two with proper care. This means you don’t have to schedule a set of new ones as often as you would with mascara because they aren’t affected by daily changes or stress on the eyes like mascara can be (such as rubbing your eye in bed).

9) Save money over the long term

Eyelash extensions are a bit pricey, but when you consider that you’ll be able to use them for months at a time, the total cost of ownership will likely be less than using mascara or eyeliner. By comparison, many people end up spending more money on their daily makeup routine because eyeliner and mascara need to be replaced often – not just because they’re running out, but also because they may start clumping. Since your natural lashes won’t have to go through this kind of wear, eyelash extensions can save you money over the long run (not to mention the moolah you’ll save by doing away with other cosmetics).

10) Getting them is relaxing & therapeutic experience

One real benefit people don’t usually consider is how much stress can be relieved when getting your eyelashes done. Many people like the experience so much they’ll actually get their eye extensions during times of stress, and use them as a way to reduce anxiety during tough occasions!

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